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Senin, 02 Februari 2015

The Second Day of ASEAN University Youth Summit


Hi guys, I would like to tell you about my journey in AUYS programme. We continue for the main summit. But, I'm so sorry if my english is not good. I hope you can understood it. The second day of ASEAN University Youth divided into three round table discussions. Let's begin with aarival student in EDC Building located in Universiti Utara Malaysia. We arrived at 07.30 am and continued to register in the front of the main venue. After that, we're waiting for guests and VIPs, vice chancellor of UUM, chief minister of Kedah. In that day, we got a special breakfast with some Asian foods and also western foods. I just tried the combination of Asian and western. We're satisfied for the menu, suitable taste and made us to add again. After we have breakfast, the next agenda was opening ceremony. It's so long time to hear opening speech from vice chacellor and minister. At least, it can be warm greeting for this summit. We continue to have tea break. Actually I still full of food, but it's no problem to try again.

The next agenda is Round Table Discussion 1

We have the theme "The Role of Youth Volunteers as Agents of Change Towards ASEAN Community 2015 : Building Towards One Caring and Sharing Community". For this discussion, we started to explore the ideas. Each university has one representative whom sit in the first chair. We answered for some questions which related to the main theme. Within a few minutes, very limited time, each representative must give the idea and the others can respond or suggest a recommendation. What the main point ? In this discussion I got some highlights : it is a must to be youth as agent of change through volunteerism, to become a volunteer we need some skills such as communication and leadership. The best way to star volunteerism by setting the vision, build team work, and make real actions to improve the social development with the collaboration from some sectores (youth, society, government, and also company). It will be best impact if we can manage together.  The conclusion is : it is important to be a volunteer based on our passion and interest with building partnership to care and share among ASEAN countries.

The Round Table Discussion 2

This second round table discussion started with the presentation from country representative. They were from Indonesia (Janu), Philipine (Niko), Brunei (Asdy), Malaysia (Juju and Syafiq), Thailand (I'm forgot the name). I'm so honorable for having the best opportunity to share my experiences in Gerakan Mari Berbagi and as a librarian in Omah Baca Karung Goni. After the presentation, its time to give a feedback to all presenter. The participants invited to give questions or responds. I thought that the theme was very interesting : Mobilizing Youth Volunteerism for Sustainable Social Development. I got a lesson that the youths are  the main actor to build their environment through social empowerment. 

Resolution of Round Table Discussion

And the last one we continued to make resolution. It is difficult to say because there is a long negosiation process to make the conclusion. But finally well done. We agree for strengthening youth volunteering in ASEAN as the way forwards. The closing agenda was sharing knowledge with P2A members. 

The 2nd day has been finished, alhamdulillah...

Once again, sorry for my bad english :) You can make correction.


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