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Senin, 16 Februari 2015

The New Challenge Has Just Begun


As the final student in Yogyakarta State University, I just begun to enter the unforgettable time this year. Think about that I have to graduate as soon as possible because I have set my timeline to pursue master program in the next year. Alright, I'm planning to make the best preparation for my future. It was not like when I have been graduated from my high school and it was totally out from my expectation. I didn't got the opportunity to study at Gadjah Mada University. Honestly it was very hard to receive that decision, but I'm sure Allah has made the others miracle for me. Alhamdulillah, until now I can study in my beloved campus with scholarship, Allah has made wonderful experiences for me.

Through this short posting, I just want to share what I still doing know at home and campus. For the first one, it takes a long time to tell you that I'm processing my bachelor thesis (it called skripsi). It was biggest challenge to balance the mind, heart, and also physical condition. Imagine that my research is in fly over Jombor, near Jombor bus station. It takes 30 minutes from my house by motorcycle. My research is about public respond from the fly over Jombor development. This is one case study with many news since 2013. I choose this topic because it was interesting problem, as well as my interest in human geography. But in this field, I found new obstacle. It is not easy to dig the research data through qualitative method. As you know that we can't say all the respondents would be give the valid data. This is about personal view and perspective. I need more time to meet them like Miles & Hiberman . Sometimes I ask to Allah "Why You give me this hard way ?" But my positive mind said "It gains you to grow up to the next level, please receive it". I do agree for the goal but I need more time to feel this rhytm.

I only have short time to take research data. My deadline is March 19, 2015. Even, I plan to ask the examination on the last of March insyaAllah. I belive that a complain will not solve my challenge. I just need to keep spirit, never give up before the end of the battle. 

I'm sure, Allah has been sent us the message on Al Inshirah verse 5 : with every hardships come ease...

Allah, please guide us to the right way...insyaAllah

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