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Senin, 02 Februari 2015

The 3rd Day of ASEAN University Youth Summit

In that day, there were a several out door activities. We would doing the Community Engagement Programme in Felda Bukit Tangga. I don't know the specific description what is Felda ? I just got information that Felda is a village in Kedah. Felda has some interesting places which could be visited. After briefing, the committee announced the groups. My groups that contains of 5 persons (Janu, Fiky, Deni, View, Teddy) and one buddy mas Mus got a chance to visit Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Tangga. We met an elementary students, they are so cute and smart. We are not only do the volunteering activities such as clean up the school, paint the mosque, and others, but also play games with the students. It was unforgettable experiences when all participants from different country become one unity, one solidarity with the students. We felt like at home, as I felt come bach to childhood. Oh Ya Allah, I missed that moment. I wanna meet them again someday. That's we called "ukhuwah" or togetherness.

After finishing the community engagement programme, we come back to the student residential hall and DPP Petronas. In the afternoon, we have free time to take a rest. But, it will be waste the time if I can not use this free time to discover Universiti Utara Malaysia. So, I walked arround with my friends. I met the horses, some monkeys and wild animals. Did you know ? We felt that UUM is a jungle with various animals, although in the real fact there was no zoo. Ah, it seems like in hometown, the things arround me are the similiar.

The last day in AUYS programme continued with rehearsal performance and dinner. This is the closing ceremony after a few days to discuss and speak up. All participants and commitee use the traditional clothes. I use jarik, lurik, and blangkon. Wonderful time to meet them. We saw the cultural performances from ASEAN Youths, amazing ! For this closing ceremony, my friend Dedy from UMY represents the closing speech for explaining the resolution, what the next action and youth role after this summit. We agree to make collaboration, partnership among youths in ASEAN towards AEC 2015.

And...the AUYS was finishied. Thank you Allah for this oportunity. I want to follow up after this event to improve my volunteerism and increase the respect for what happened in our society. The good news is : the next host for AUYS 2016 is Universitas Teknologi Sumbawa (Indonesia), congratulation !!!

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