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Sabtu, 08 November 2014

Flowering Jacaranda in Brisbane

Yesterday I and my friends from homestay program arrived at Gold Coast airport, Brisbane. It was amazing journey that never seen before. We just landed smoothly and checked the baggage one by one. After that Matthiew picked up all delegates and took us to his mini bus. We were surprised, what a beautiful city ! We saw everything was clean, warm air, systhematic neighborhood, and next experience to see the purple flower. What is that ?

Purple flower named...

In afternoon, we met the church pastoor, it didn't to learn christian but it was only to welcoming us in Brisbane, near Matt's house. We sang the Waltzing Matilda song, and some Indonesians songs. Greeting from us! We were very happy because they served us a lot of food and drink, especially I like the fruits. It means a sharing, new relationship, new perspective, and a giving back value that learned by GMB. We continued to drop off all delegates with their host family. I met Gwenda, Tom, and Alex in my house. I stayed at 22 Elgata Street, The Gap, Queensland.

My hostfam house...quite one

Under the.....
Today, Gwenda accompanied me to the hill, back of our house. We walked to the top and looked at the purple flower again ! Gwenda told me, it was called Jacaranda flower. It was from South America. I thought it so beautiful because without leaf. We continued to bought go card and went to ferny grove recycling and waste transfer station. Hereby the photo that I took these morning. Enjoy another story soon ! insyaAllah...

Gwenda Spencer

See you soon...

"Life is a journey, enjoy and thank to Allah for all that we got"

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