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Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

Geoscience Summer School Assignment 1 : Observation on Vorstraat

Observation on Vorstraat
By : Janu Muhammad (Indonesia) & Ji Hye (South Korea)

The Netherlands is one of the innovative countries in the world. The Netherlands has advantages in many fields, such as advanced water management, agriculture, and other fields. Dutch windmill country got the nickname because here a lot of windmills found. Netherlands have 12 provinces, one of which is Utrecht. Utrecht is located in the heart of the Netherlands.
The city became a center of activity, ranging from trade, economics, and culture. The Netherlands has a sophisticated connection system. This is due to the road that connects any existing place. We can find many paths here, one of which is Voorstraat. Vorstraat is one road which is located in downtown of Utrecht. This road connects Neude and Wittevrouwenstraat. Vorstraat lecture building is located near the University of Utrecht.

In Vorstraat there are many people get around in the street in front of the bus stop. There are many cafes in the street, so people go inside there and have time with friends. Here a lot of passing pedestrians, either for work or other activities. In addition to walking, we can also see cyclists and car drivers and motorcycle. How does this place represent urban division? This place Represents urban division with many buildings that we can see here. There is also transportation facilities, public space, many people here, cafeteria, and some of people activity here. Also, there are theater, clubs, photo shops, so many people enjoy their leisure time in these places. 

The city synonymous with the building. Around Voorstraat alone we can see a lot of buildings that became the economic center of the community. In addition to the buildings, the city is also synonymous with the modern economic activity. Around Voorstraat can be found in various economic activities, such as buying and selling in the restaurant, supermarket transactions in, or consumption in some cafes. The city is also synonymous with the means of transport. Modes of transport in Voorstraat diverse, ranging from the bicycle, bus, motorcycle, or car. All convenient transportation and be an integral part of the activities in the Voorstraat. 
Voorstraat developments was probably just as useful last century as it is now. Nowadays, besides being home to two grocery stores, Plus and Albert Heijn, it’s also home to Plato Record Store, Tattoo Magic Store, travel agency offices, a Chinese massage/reflexology sort of place, hairdressers, a sewing supplies shop, multiple coffee shops (of the cannabis variety), Taco Mundo, multiple vintage clothing stores, along with higher-end clothing stores, a used/antique book store, a florist, an organic grocer, formal wear shops, clothing repair stores, a shoe repair shop, a locksmith, fancy furniture and lighting stores, along with numerous restaurants and caf├ęs, with many new places opening regularly. It’s not always the prettiest street, but for daily life, it covers a lot of bases. And there are pockets of grace and whimsy along the street. Consumption patterns here diverse, ranging from in restaurant, cafe, bar, as well as centers of existing stores. All available here, including daily necessities are also there. On average we can find native Dutch people. In addition it can be found as well as migrants from China, Africa, and some of Turkey.

There were many hairshops, interior retail shops and furniture stores in the street. Many places are changing according to the needs and wants of people living there. Especially, many hair shops were concentrated in this street. We could guess that many women come to this street for fixing their hair. Also, there were many kinds of shops for enjoying life like tatoo shop, photo shop and cafes. We could see many people just sit on a chair in front of cafe while talking to their friends. There were not many people who sit inside the cafe. Condsidering this, we could know that this street is regarded as a place for enjoying and relaxing life.
We saw one building was built in 1840 and now the whole building is used as clothing shop. We went to one cafe to interview with clerk there and the clerk said that this cafe was once used as office and it has been only one and half year that this cafe was open. We could know that the use of building changes quite a lot as time goes by. We could see that interior business and entertainment business were well developed in the street. Many interior shops were concentrated in the street and we could see many artificial exmples of house interiors inside the building. In case of entertainment development, there were theatre, game shop, tatoo shop, and photo shop in the street. Many people go around in the theatre to see movie and enjoy their life doing tatoo in body buying some game CDs in the game shop.
Thus, all activities in Voorstraat representated of the Utrecht city. They become a challenging and opportunities to develop this city. All activities, ranging from trade, entertainment, and other events illustrate the dynamic city life from time to time with the changing.

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